Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet is well known for its durability, affordability, and range of selection. It’s this versatility that’s made Berber carpeting so popular.

Berber carpet is different from the conventional cut pile carpet which you may be used to. The key distinction is in the way it is constructed.

Berber carpeting has fibers which are weaved into the backing of the carpet without being cut.

A cut pile carpet, on the other hand, has its loops cut after being inserted into the backing of the carpet. Hence the name cut pile carpet.

The looped pile of a Berber rug is known to be vulnerable to snagging by sharp objects. This does not happen very often but this is something that you should be aware of.

If your Berber carpet has a snag in it this is the perfect time to call the Berber carpet repair professionals at Carpet Repair Minneapolis!

Our Berber carpet repair solutions are inexpensive, long lasting and undetectable to the naked eye. If your Berber carpeting has sustained slight damage, we can weave in new fiber loops to repair the problem.

If your carpet has undergone significant damage, we will cut out the damaged portion of carpeting and replace it with a brand-new piece of Berber carpet.

Does your Berber carpet have elaborate patterns? We can repair it with no problems at all!  Our Berber carpet repair technicians possess the technical skills and ability to make sure that the new section matches the rest of the carpet.

We’re happy to accommodate your schedule. If you have questions about our Berber Carpet Repair service or if you need to book an appointment with us please give us a call today at 612-979-2171