Rug Dyeing

Do you have a rug that has lost its color and vibrancy to sun damage? You are not alone. Sun-fading is a common problem that occurs when rugs get too much sunlight either directly or indirectly.

Sun-Fading is an urgent problem needing an answer. We are proud that we can now provide you with a solution to this problem. Our rug dyeing services will put an end to the issue of sun-fading. Our service will revive the original color of your rug and conserve its long-term value.

Rug dyeing takes place at our repair facility because of the specialized tools required to dye your rug.

We use airbrushes to apply the dye to your rug. This tool helps us administer our dyes with expert precision and gives us the ability restore intricate multi-colored patterns on your rug.

We can dye many different types of rugs including Wool, Silk, Persian, Oriental, Handwoven and a lot more varieties of rug!

We enjoy seeing our clients reactions when they look at their newly restored rug for the first time.

Our dyes are non-toxic and will not fade or bleed after use. Do you have questions about our rug dyeing service? Do you need to book an appointment with us? Contact us today at 612-979-2171