Carpet Cleaning

How frequently do you get your carpets cleaned?  Once every two years?

Did you know that most carpet manufacturers require that you clean your carpet every 12-18 months?

This requirement must be met for them to honor the warranty on your carpet. So if you are close to the 12-month mark, we highly recommend setting up an appointment.

An expert carpet cleaning will radically enhance the indoor air quality of your home by removing allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, skin tissue and dust mites from your carpeting.

For those who have small children who play on the ground all day, a professional rug cleaning is essential to their well-being.

Yearly professional carpet cleanings will kill the bacteria lurking in your carpet and remove the dirt that has built up at the bottom of your carpet over the years. Our carpet cleaning service is guaranteed to prolong the service life of your carpet.

We use carpet cleaning products that are powerful and environmentally friendly. Our carpet cleaning equipment uses very little water to get the job done.

We believe in being good stewards of the environment, and we put that belief into practice every day.

Do you have questions about our carpet cleaning service? Would like to book an appointment? Contact us today at 612-979-2171