Rug Repair

Are you seeking an expert carpet repair business that is going to treat your rug with the love and respect that it deserves? Need a company that knows the intricacies of rug repair? We are the company that you are looking for.

We have superior in-depth knowledge of rug repair and what it takes to repair your rug to OEM specifications.

Every rug we repair is one of a kind and needs a watchful eye and a steady hand to have  repairs performed correctly. We take our time and do not cut corners with your rug.

If you are apprehensive about getting your priceless rug repaired, we put your mind at ease by keeping you in the loop every step of the way from pickup to the day we return your rug to your home.

We do not complete repairs in your dwelling. Rug repairs have to be made at our rug repair center to ensure that your rug is getting the highest quality repairs possible.

On an agreed date and time, we will come to your home and pick up your rug using the utmost caution. We go to great lengths to ensure that your rug is not damaged during transit.

When your rug arrives at our facility will we conduct a review to assess what sort of repairs will be needed to cure your problem.

Once the problem areas are identified, we will contact you by telephone and request your approval to proceed with the repairs.

After we are done with your rug, we return your rug to your home in pristine condition.

We can repair Persian, Oriental, Handmade, Machine-made along with many other rug styles.

Trust Carpet Repair Minneapolis for your rug repair needs. If you have questions about our rug repair service contact us today by calling 612-979-2171