Seam Repair

Wall to wall carpeting is the most popular home decoration features in America and for a great reason. It is affordable and comes in many styles and colors. You simply can not beat the flexibility of wall to wall carpet.

Did you know that a good carpet and carpet padding combination will insulate your home and save you money on your heating bill?  This is a feature that is overlooked by most carpet buyers today.

Your carpet will usually last you between 8-10 years if you take care of it however your carpet may experience some damage during ownership. One type of carpet damage that you may encounter is seam damage.

Seam damage is a common occurrence with carpeting. Seam damage happens when the glue that is holding the pieces of carpet together start to break down due to wear and tear from foot traffic and time.

If your seams are undamaged, we only need to re-apply latex glue onto the seams to repair the problem.

If your carpet seams have substantial damage, we will remove the damaged seams and replace it with new ones. Our repairs are both seamless and skillfully implemented. Your guests will not ever know that you had your carpeting repaired.

If you have questions about our seam repair service or want to book your appointment, please contact us today at 612-979-2171